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Welcome to Boston University Alumni Association Hong Kong!

Boston University Alumni Association Hong Kong is an alumni club with a main purpose to create an environment where Boston University alums can interact, get to know each other and stay in contact. The association also serves informational and cultural purposes providing key information to prospective students and fostering a sense of BU community among Hong Kong BU alums in Hong Kong and all over the world.

Alumni initiatives at Boston University are usually related to studies in the School of Law, School of Engineering, School of Management, etc. We also believe there are strong ties between alums from the same national origin and these ties provide a vehicle for keeping the BU spirit alive, while enabling interactions among alums. This is why the BU Alumni Association Hong Kong was founded by a team of passionate BU alums with the following objective in mind:

“Boston University Alumni Association has the sole mission of fostering and developing the academic relationships and cultural exchanges between Boston University and Hong Kong. To establish and favor social and professional relationships among Boston University graduates in Hong Kong by holding cultural and social events. To offer annual events, conferences and business exchanges in the city of Hong Kong, fostering the presence of visiting professors and graduates from different parts of the world. To identify outstanding qualified candidates and inform them of business opportunities and programs outside of Boston University.”

Boston University Alumni Association Hong Kong will continue to create value for the Asian BU alum community and we welcome your help during this journey!

* BUAAHK operates on 1 April – 31 March fiscal year. Audited Financial Statements are posted as soon as they become available.

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